The Coconut Oil Revitalization Blueprint

321 Everyday Uses for Your Health, Kitchen, Family & Beauty

So what’s the secret behind coconut oil’s amazing health benefits?  It’s loaded with high concentrations of lauric acid – the powerful substance in mother’s milk that boosts newborn babies’ immunity so they can fight off infections and illnesses when they’re most vulnerable.

In this eye-opening new eBook, you’ll get the science behind the ‘miracle’ and learn how and when oil releases toxins so you stay safe in a healthy kitchen. PLUS all the secrets, tips, tricks and strategies to boost your health to the max.

  • How much oil is REALLY good for you? (HINT: It depends on your weight).
  • The one popular oil treatment process to AVOID at all costs (it’s linked to permanent memory loss, childhood learning disorders, high cholesterol, and hardening of the arteries).
  • Why OLIVE OIL may be bad for your health (Journal of Food Lipids has issued a shocking warning about U.S. vegetable oils).
  • Why the FDA plans to BAN this oil from restaurants (so why is it on your kitchen table?)
  • The real reason obesity and heart disease have skyrocketed –- even those you shunned oils high in fat.

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